About us

The inspiration for URBNC3 came in 2020 when Linda started to have foot pain while walking. However, the doctor advised her to wait until it gets worse before seeing a podiatrist. As a big lover of sandals, especially for traveling, she started to feel the pain from all the pretty but narrow-shaped sandals without foot bed. At the same time, Philipp found it frustrating to search for shoes suitable to his insoles - especially in summer he couldn't wear sandals or flip-flops without pain because he needs his supporting foot bed.

This was the moment when they both recognized the great potential of a mass-tailoring approach to footwear to give more people access to the right fitting shoes. Together with design & fashion enthusiasts Roman and designer Kristyna, the label URBNC3 was finally brought to life.

Swiss Sustainability Challenge 2023 - 3rd place (German)

URBNC3 introduction video (English)